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Music Summer SocialHere at the UWA Conservatorium of Music, we have been producing world-class graduates for more than 50 years.

Our flexible courses give students the opportunity to tailor programs to meet their individuals needs;  students can choose to specialise in performance, composition or musicianship, or can choose to combine music with other study areas, giving many choices of career and the flexibility to work in a multitude of different settings.



The study of music can be undertaken as part of undergraduate degrees in:

These degrees feature a simple, flexible course structure with a focus on developing communication, research and problem solving skills. Students will specialise in at least one area of study and also undertake some units outside their main study area.  


A BA or BPhil(Hons) graduate with two music majors will have postgraduate options in music across all areas.

Undergraduate options for studying music

Option 1

BA or BPhil (Hons) Major in Music Studies and Music Specialist Studies.

Option 2

BA or BPhil (Hons) Major in Music Studies and option for second major.

All undergraduate students have the option of taking either one or two majors within their bachelor’s degree.

Students who wish to take a second major can select another BA major or a major specific to the BCom, BDes or BSc.

Option 3

BCom, BDes or BSc Non-music major (degree-specific) and a second major in Music Studies.

Option 4

BA, BCom, BDes, BSc or BPhil(Hons) No music major. Elective / broadening unit(s) taken in music including practical ensemble units.

All students study broadening units as part of their course. This will enable students to perform in a wide range of musical ensembles and/or choirs, regardless of their chosen field of study.

To major in Specialist Music Studies students need to be enrolled in either a BA or a BPhil(Hons) and be concurrently enrolled in the Music Studies major.