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Guiding and inspiring young saxophonists of the future!


The University of Western Australia Junior Saxophone School (UWA JSS) is an intensive, hands on program designed to give young up and coming saxophonists the essential tools to flourish in their musical endeavours. The course covers a broad range of musical studies and is tailored specifically for young saxophonists who wish to extend themselves; perfect for students undertaking WACE Music or working towards AMEB exams.

An essential part of this training is providing an opportunity for students to develop and share their musical talents with others who share the same passion. Through participation in classes and ensembles, students will not only refine their technical grounding and musical understanding, they will also develop a strong sense of teamwork and belonging.

The UWA JSS is run by three of Perth's most promising saxophone educators. Erin Royer, the director of the JSS has worked alongside her colleagues Jess Herbert and Bridget Cleary to develop a specialist performance driven program. Erin, Jess and Bridget are incredibly passionate about music education, and together they have designed a versatile course, which provides comprehensive tuition, exposing students to some of the key requirements of becoming a successful musician. For further information about our tutors please turn to the back.

Timetable of Classes

Students will attend the UWA JSS every Saturday during term time from 11:00am to 3.00pm. In addition students also have the option to have weekly lessons with one of the JSS tutors, however this will be at an extra cost and will occur before or after the scheduled timetable.

12:00 - 12:45
General Musicianship
12:45 – 1:45
Focus Studies/ Workshop
1:45 – 2:00
Lunch Break
2:00 - 3:00   
Saxophone Ensemble

UWA JSS Curriculum

General Musicianship
Academic knowledge and understanding are essential when training well informed young musicians. General Musicianship is a class covering a broad range of educational subjects including music theory, rhythm, aural awareness and harmony to name a few. This class is structured to complement and support our students wider music education, particularly their learning for WACE Music and other external training such as AMEB.

Focus Studies/Workshop
Focus Studies is designed to teach our students the fundamentals essential for saxophone playing and performance. Some of the topics that will be covered over the duration of the course include breathing, improvisation, saxophone history and listening, embouchure exercises, intonation, performance presentation and managing performance anxiety.

UWA JSS emphasises the importance of performance and practical training for our young saxophonists. In this class, students will have regular opportunities to perform in front of their peers and tutors, and will obtain invaluable experience and awareness for performing their passion that is music. Students will also be encouraged to critically reflect on their own and other performances to begin developing an understanding for self learning and critical thinking.

Saxophone Ensemble
Ensemble participation is an important element in the training of our young saxophonists. Not only is it very rewarding, it is also perfect for their developing musicianship. In this class, students will learn the importance of chamber music and ensemble playing, and will develop the necessary skills required for high quality ensemble performance.

UWA JSS Concert
At the end of each term, all students will participate in a showcase concert to put their learning to practical use. This also provides parents, family and friends the chance to see the students perform in a professional environment and to hear the progression of their musical development.

What is expected of our students

Students of the UWA JSS are encouraged to approach the course with professionalism and dedication and are expected to make a personal commitment towards weekly practice and studies to ensure they are getting the most from the course.

Regular attendance is required, as continual absence can inhibit progress and be disruptive towards ensemble work.  To support their studies, students of the UWA JSS can make use of the UWA Music Library facilities, which houses a wide range of printed music, scores and text books, as well as making use of the extensive audio library.

Please note, it is essential that our students have their own instrument, whether it's privately hired or purchased.


The course is aimed at students aged 14-18 years.  Younger students may be considered if they show the maturity, desire, drive and dedication required for the course.

The approximate minimum standard for applicants is AMEB Grade 4.

Apply online:


Auditions will be held to determine ensemble placement and to help tailor the curriculum to student needs.

Applicants are asked to prepare two contrasting pieces of varying styles (max. 5 minutes - can be sections of works). There will also be a simple sight-reading excerpt, some general theory questions and a quick aural test to determine the student's current level and general musical understanding.

Applicants will also be asked to talk about their general musical interests, previous experiences and future endeavours. There will also be the opportunity for students to ask any questions they may have about the UWA JSS.

Course Fees

Term (8 weeks)
Core Program  (3.5hrs per week) $850
Core plus 1-1 Lesson (+ 1hr per week) $1675
Core plus Shared Lesson (+ 1hr per week)