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Power of Music: Joint MSA / ICME Conference, 2011

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The University of Western Australia invites you to join us for the 'Power of Music' - the 34th National Conference of the Musicological Society of Australia, in conjunction with the 2nd International Conference on Music and Emotion.


The “Power of Music” is a broad theme designed to encompass the analytical, historical, performance and socio-cultural ways in which music is and has been powerful in human societies.

Contemporary culture is brimful of examples of purposeful musical engagement: we listen to up-tempo music in the gym to assist our efforts to run fast, and play it in the car to maintain a constant, often fast, speed on long highway journeys. We perform our own music to soothe a baby with a lullaby, to amuse and entertain a toddler; indeed, we sing with friends and family to bring us together, to share in mutual joy and closeness. Music envelops us, from the wake-up melody on the radio alarm clock to the late night 'cool' jazz trio playing at the local bar. For many, music is a crucial technology used to regulate the moods and behaviours of both self and others. Music is powerful, pervasive and a crucial form of human communication and expression.

Music is powerful, pervasive and a crucial form of human communication and expression.


  • 30 November to 3 December 2011


The University and its gardens are ideally positioned on the shores of the Swan River, overlooking Matilda Bay and in close proximity to the city of Perth.


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Call for papers

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Who should attend

The conference will appeal to scholars from diverse disciplines including:

  • music performance studies
  • composition
  • ethnomusicology
  • psychology
  • anthropology
  • evolutionary biology
  • neuroscience
  • historical musicology
  • music theory and analysis
  • aesthetics
  • philosophy