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Vose Memorial Prize

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In memory:

  • The prize is awarded in memory of George Vose.

Vose Memorial Prize 2017

Stage 1 Schedule - Friday 31 March 2017

The Vose Memorial Prize is one of the School’s most prestigious prizes.   During its long association with the Conservatorium of Music it has been awarded to some of our most outstanding alumni.


The prize is open to all UWA undergraduate music performance students for the best public performance of prescribed works.

2017 finalists will compete at a concert toward the end of May, date TBC, in the Perth Concert Hall.

Vose Competition Entry Rules

Competitors must undertake the following: 

  1. Competitors MUST read both the specific conditions, and the general conditions governing this prize before an entry is submitted. If you do not meet the conditions and you enter the competition, you may be disqualified from receiving the prize.
  2. Competitors must have teacher approval.
  3. Before entering the competition, it is the responsibility of the competitors to work with their teacher to select music that is appropriate.
  4. The competitor must ensure that parts are able to be sourced easily and are not cost prohibitive.
  5. Due to the short time frame between auditions and the commencement of rehearsals, competitors must select a concerto which is readily available.  This is non negotiable.
  6. Competitor's concerto entry must be the 1st movement of your chosen concerto in its entirety (with cadenza) or appropriate vocal work with orchestral accompaniment, for example, an operatic aria.
  7. A time limit of 10 - 15 minutes is preferred.
  8. When choosing their repertoire, competitors should consider its appropriateness for the finals concert, as listed below.
  9. Competitors need to provide information to the Concerts Coordinator of the location and any associated costs of hire/loan as soon as entering the finals.

Vose Entry Form

Entry forms must be in by Friday 24 March, 2017.  Please submit to the Music office (either by hand or email).

Competition - first stage

The first stage of the Vose competition will be held on:

  • Friday 31 March, 2017
  • From 3pm
  • Callaway Music Auditorium


Finals Performance

Artistry! Culmination

  • End of May date TBC
  • 7.30pm
  • Perth Concert Hall

Vose Final and Performance

Finalists will rehearse their concerto with the UWA Orchestra** and perform the first movement of their concerto with the orchestra as part of name of concert and date TBC

The Conservatorium of Music can disqualify a participant from the finals on grounds of practicality related to the selected work and ineligibility in relation to the prize conditions. 

Rehearsal Schedule

**To be provided when available.