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The University of Western Australia is committed to providing support and resources of the highest possibility quality for its Higher Degree by Research (HDR) candidates.

This support comes from the Graduate Research School, as well as Schools, Centres and Institutes within the University. For this reason, it is essential that candidates consult with their proposed supervisor(s), Graduate Research Coordinator or Head of School prior to the commencement of candidature to discuss the range of general infrastructure support and project-specific support that is available.


As a postgraduate student in the School of Music, you’ll have access to the following resources:

Supervision Guidelines

Postgraduate supervision is one of the most important roles in the University, and its vital that supervisory relationships function well for both staff and students.  The School of Music has established Supervision Guidelines (see right) to facilitate the work of supervisors and postgraduates. 

This document delineates the role of a staff member who assumes the full supervisory role throughout a candidature, (keeping in mind that a student may have two such supervisors in some cases of co-supervision), and illustrates a postgraduate's responsibilities toward such a supervisor.  But remember that the supervisory relationship is highly individual, differing considerably from one case to another.

NB The more specific guidelines below refer to the supervision of theses – a required component of School of Music Research degrees. However, the general comments relating to the supervisor/student relationship apply also to the supervision of composition portfolios and of the preparation of recitals and lecture/recitals as appropriate.