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Firebird classes are available on Saturday mornings.  


FirebirdIn a fun and challenging environment, students continue to explore and develop literacy and aural skills introduced in the Soundscapes/Soundbird Musicianship classes. 


Firebird is a developmentally based program for children 8 years and over. Each Firebird class is a pre-requisite for the following Firebird class.

In a fun and challenging environment, students continue to develop musical literacy and aural skills introduced in previous classes. Appreciation of the many exciting styles and forms of music are explored.

Activities include singing in major and minor keys. Children develop a good ear for pitch, using the solfege system. Elements of music such as ostinato, improvisation, canons, partner singing and using pentatonic scales are introduced in an enjoyable and supportive setting.

Experience gained in Firebird is of benefit to children who take up an individual instrument, such as violin, piano, clarinet, flute or trumpet, and particularly for those who wish to join a choir.

Held on Saturday mornings over 16 weeks, lessons are of one hour’s duration and are limited to a maximum of 12 children.


Please note students should have completed Firebird 1 to enrol in Firebird 2, and completed Firebird 1 & 2 to enrol in Firebird 3.