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Blake Howieson UWA Music Student (Clarinet) The School of Music proudly presents the:

WACE Music Bootcamp

Get WACE ready with our hands-on Music Bootcamp!

This jam-packed 2 day course will give you tips and tricks to help you ace your WACE! Suitable for all classical instrumentalists & voice students in years 10-12. 


Who is the program for?

Students in year 10-12, who are currently undertaking WACE/ATAR Music, or who plan to take music next year! The course is suitable for all classical instrumentalists and vocalists. 

What type of activities will I taking part in?

A wide range of topics will be covered across the 2 days including sessions such as:

Performance Masterclasses -bring a piece ready to perform and get helpful feedback from our expert panel (many of whom have been WACE examiners!), including tips on effective practice strategies. 

Tame your nerves - Almost every musician from young students right through to the most seasoned professional can experience performance anxiety – explore techniques to help you gain control of your anxiety and harness it’s positive potential. 

Pitch perfect for aural - get some top tips on how to practice key aural skills such as recognising intervals

Master tricky rhythms - learn how to break down tricky rhythms and become a master of the beat!

Effective practice strategies - you only get a short amount of time each week with your 1-1 tutorhow to get the very best from you 1-1 lesson

Playing better together - Practicing alone and playing with an accompanist are vastly different experiences – find out how to get the very best outcomes when working with your accompanist

Final Polishes - You’ve practiced and practiced and have your pieces note perfect – now all you have to do is impress the audience / examiners! Learn how to stand tall and wow your audience in every performance in this performance etiquette class 

Live it, learn it – Analysis - Explore music with a performer’s eye view by analysing one of your own performance pieces, plus we'll explore one of the set-works with live musical excerpts

Who's taking Bootcamp

Sessions will be led by School of Music staff including: 

You will also get to meet and hear from UWA students, including 2 of the top performing WACE students from 2015!  

Time and date

The program runs 20 and 21 April. Students are recommend to attend both days, but can register for a single day. The sessions start each day at 10am and finish at 3pm. All activities will be held at the School of Music and lunch will be provided. Don't forget to bring your instruments! 

How much does the program cost?

The fee is just $45 for 2 days, or $25 per day. 


To enrol online please click here.

For further information, please contact / 6488 7836.

WACE Bootcamp [PDF, 567.0 KB]
Updated 30 Mar 2017